Wisdom Bank From Osi Sam:-Develop Yourself

Wisdom Bank From Osi Sam:-Develop Yourself


Wisdom Bank From Osi Sam:-Develop Yourself

If you want great success, first develop a great love and a great passion for whatever you do. Only when you are living and breathing what you do, you get on your path to success.

But to do this you need to discover your natural talents and inclinations.
No matter how much you want and try you just can’t be passionate about things that don’t fit your personality.

Stop spending your energy on things that don’t matter. Start saying yes to things that are going to move you along on your path to success. Remember you can do everything but not at the same time. Not everything is equally important.

Differentiate between vital few things, and trivial many.
You’ll see people who are constantly busy, but never accomplish anything worthwhile.
Why? Because they focus on trivial many, and ignore vital few.

You can do anything & be anything
Main thing is to do what elevates u
Choose growth over security & passion over fear

Do what adds meaning to your life
Make it a priority to make your priorities a priority
Things that matter most must never be at mercy of those that don’t matter

Don’t allow anyone to determine what is your worth. Don’t seek admiration. Don’t seek praise. Don’t seek approval of others. Only person whose approval matters is YOU.

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.

You are not your school. You are not your clothes. You are not where you live. You are not the toys you have. You are not a success. You are not a failure. You are a miracle. As long as you are alive, all possibilities are open. Never give up.

Wisdom Bank From Osi Sam:-Develop Yourself  

Don’t be content. Don’t be satisfied. Stay hungry. Stay ambitious. Stay striving. Stay succeeding...

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