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How many of you go to work every day? Try to take extra money with you when you are going to work, just a little extra money for that one person that you are going to help that day. Are you hearing me? You are going to plant seeds of blessings into some other person’s life. It may be small but I tell you something, you don’t determine the size of a tree by the size of its seed. Do what I am telling you now and you will be amazed.

I have a group of some elderly people, I send them money. No, don’t clap for me, I am telling you to challenge you. I have been doing it for years, several years now. Some have become very old and died and some new names were added to replace the ones that have died. And they would say “thank you, you have impacted our lives, you have helped us to live longer”. These things, they produce results in our lives. It does.

So when you hear me when I talk about the Inner City Mission, what we do for young children, they are not the only ones, there are also older ones. We have love for others. Because I have never mentioned it, you probably didn’t know. I have been doing it for several years now, more than 10 years, since 2000. This is 2019, that is 19 years.

I am saying to you, start thinking of what you will do for the poor because the bible says, the one who remembers the poor will not be ignored by the Lord. It says he that gives to the poor is lending, borrowing to the Lord and from the Lord will he get his reward. And when the Lord rewards you because you gave to the poor, He will pay you with interest. Are you hearing what I am telling you? It is very important. ~

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.


Don’t be content. Don’t be satisfied. Stay hungry. Stay ambitious. Stay striving. Stay succeeding...

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