Barr.Ukonu Ada Mercys’ Biography || @Mercy_Ukonu

Barr.Ukonu Ada Mercys’ Biography  || @Mercy_Ukonu


Barr.Ukonu Ada Mercys’ Biography || @Mercy_Ukonu

Ukonu Ada Mercy is a Legal Practitioner formerly with Black and White  Law Firm situate in Ibadan Nigeria, but now in private practice. Mercy is both diligent  in her law practice and committed to the profession. An analytical and result driven individual, with a background in litigation and commercial law practice in the course of a career spanning about five years. She have garnered legal information technology insights required to create value to client and enhance their interest, particularly in today’s complex business world.


Litigated on matters relating to both commercial, and intellectual property law, and experienced in commercial  Law, Business law, Real Estate Practice, intellectual property, Civil and Criminal litigation practice among others.

Prior to her private practice, she worked with certain Human Resource Organizations like MP Global Resources,Fortune Careers, and Golden Neolife a Multi-National Organization which have contributed in sharpening Mercy’s human resource skills and widening her horizon in that sphere

In the course of private practice, she works with various cases involving civil right, Tenancy, Real Estate corporate practice among others.

Aside from being a Lawyer, Ukonu Mercy is an author, a writer, an entrepreneur,  a trained nutritionist a motivational speaker, she runs her own series (The Brain Box) and have lectured in various parastatal, developing/ empowering the youth on career path and developing their innate potential in order to harness their capacity for a maximum impact by raising independent entrepreneurs.

Ukonu Ada Mercy, has the following certification and professional affiliation:

*Certification in Human Resource and skill Acquisition;

*Member Nigerian Bar Association;

*Member Legal Aid Council.


Ukonu Ada Mercy was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. She obtained  her LLB in 2012 from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, BL (Bachelor in Law) From Nigerian Law School Abuja. Upon completion of her Law degree she went straight to Lagos Nigeria, to practice her degree there.


She is a creative team player, problem solver, excellent oral and written communication skill, multi- task, intelligent, hardworking and reliable,committed to personal growth and development. 

She love reading, meeting, inspiring and helping people, listening to good music and writing songs, write and create content for bloggers, companies, and others.

Barr.Ukonu Ada Mercys’ Biography || @Mercy_Ukonu


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