Everfresh Daily Devotional Dose From Pst Caleb Oche Kings

Everfresh Daily Devotional Dose From Pst Caleb Oche Kings


#TEXT: ACTS 2:28..

In life, there are different and numerous ways to work in, where you walk in is your choice but i advice and admonish you, walk in the right way.  I admonish uThe way you walk through as an individual determines your final destination. To any continent, nation, country, state, city or village, there is always a way that leads to that particular place.

Life itself is a journey to a particular destination (Heaven or Hell).
(Psalms 1:1, Matthew 7:13)

1. The ways of the wicked (proverbs 12:26)
The ways of the wicked is always deceitful, seductive and enticing. It always looks appealing. It looks good and right in the eyes (proverbs 14:12, proverbs 16:25). proverbs 4:16 says ” they do not sleep, until they have done evil. sleep is taken from them, until they cause someone to fall”. They always gain joy and delight in the downfall of someone else. Proverbs 4:14 says “Enter not into the path(way) of the wicked”. Avoid the wicked even though it always looks enticing and appealing most of the times.

* Oh Lord of Host, as i pray now, help me to take the right path in life and destiny.

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